Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Last Director

I just read an insightful tribute to Dennis Hopper in Sight & Sound magazine written by Brad Stevens and am wallowing in the discovery of one of his directorial films that I want to watch eagerly now, and a singer whose music feels really good this Friday night.

Song: Only when it rains by John Buck Wilkin
Album: In search of Food Clothing Shelter and Sex (LP-1970, USA)
Film: The Last Movie (1971)
Director: Dennis Hopper

It's a wonderful song. Ecoutez!

Link to Only when it rains

As always my biggest grouse is accessibility! Where can I find The Last Movie? (no result on my trusted download site). Where can I find the music of John Wilkin? The internet is throwing nothing on him (not even wikipedia). This just makes my quest for obscurity stronger! I did find the LP cover below.....

only when it rains does it rain
only when it stops, it is no more

all of them princes
all of them gone
all of them lovers
in search of their own
and you can look to the mountains
and look to the seas
but don't come calling
cause you won't find me
hmmmm hmmm hmmmmmmmm

For more on the film to understand why the song has been shot the way it has, here's the Sight & Sound link.
I have over the years started believing in breaking narratives down...only with anarchy does something new emerge. Can't wait to watch this one.


Brad Stevens said...

Thanks for your kind words about my SIGHT & SOUND piece. You should be able to download THE LAST MOVIE from this site:

Harman said...

A lovely surprise! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

How long have I been following your blog? 'Cause I'm definitely visiting the first time. You write on music, that's #win! =) Will listen to the songs you mentioned in this one. Also, if you don't find stuff on Torrents, try Megashare? If you haven't already, that is. Hope to visit more often from now on.


Sal C said...

So, I just picked up a copy of "In Search of..." via eBay and guess what? The tune from The Last Movie is not on it! It's also not on the soundtrack of the Hopper documentary that was shot while he was editing The Last Movie ("American Dreamer"). It is truly a lost tune. I can find nothing online pointing me to the right album. Anyone have any luck?